Nov. 1st, 2008 04:48 am
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Needless to say, rather enjoyable incidents aside, I enjoyed this Halloween thing quite a bit.

Dressing up in costume was fun. I say it is something that should be done more often.

Incidentally, I am still keeping an eye on what our visitors are doing, even if from a distance at the moment, and with my tank's destruction...

Well, let's just say I've a few of the tank's old mistakes worked out better in my head.

[LOCKED TO PAT - Bella's figured out filtering!]

Pat, you didn't get in too much trouble for what happened, did you?

((Stricken through text is not actually posted, she did consider posting it though.))
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Mostly for completeness sake:

Frighteningly accurate version of an Aristan Foundling Guard uniform, duplicated by sketching and using Pat's as a reference.

Notable differences: Sized for Bella, no Aristan symbol of allegiance, instead Kintostown's symbol is there, death ray holster instead of knife holster.
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Previously - Recycling is fun too!

The Crash Site, Somewhere within the borders of the Wulfenbach Empire.

To go on a tangent, Bella Fennix's Spark lies primarily in the fact that she can construct engines. The ability to construct Death Rays and other weapons came after this. This. THIS, is what she lives for. What she lives to break down and build up.

Everything has its use. With the exception of that mutilated little nut in the Sanctuary garbage, we have something that Bella has created with utter joy.

That is to say, she does have fun constructing Death Rays and weapons (as making things go boom is fun!), but.

What she vastly prefers, is making things that move, that power.

And thus.

We have her latest creation... )

((The Song))
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The Crash Site, Somewhere within the borders of the Wulfenbach Empire.

Bella, after her trip to the Sanctuary, regarded the dirigible wreck thoughtfully from a cargo container she was using as a seat.

Her mind, however, was deeply seated in that Madness. That Madness that drove her to CREATE, INVENT, MAKE.


She knows what to do. )

((next part coming tomorrow))
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Ding is a Clank constructed by Bella Fennix.

Read more... )

ETA2: The Birth of Ding

ETA3: Artwork added.
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Various bits of clockwork for jewelry.
Heat Ray arm attachment made out of a space heater, vacuum cleaner parts. (V0.21)
a dark red version of this, and heeled boots to match (even if only one of them's useful to her, she keeps 'em both, just in case)
Several LOL color-change peppers

Addition to OOC notes:

Flag of the House of Kintotech: Red flag, Gold symbol, which is a stylized version of it. (Winged gear, K through middle of it)

ETA: Also: All instances where Bella said 'Wulfenbach Providence', please discreetly retcon into 'Wulfenbach Empire' >_>

Notes -

Sep. 6th, 2008 01:23 pm
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((Note: This was written while she was in the Madness Place, which means it's largely unreadable scrawl--made only worse by the fact that she's not originally left handed. It's also written in a bastardized sort-of German. I'm posting it here mainly for fun. Also included on the page are various half-sketches and formulas where she jotted them down, but I'm not writing those out. ))

Notes on Portal Project (among others) )


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