Sep. 16th, 2008

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Ding is a Clank constructed by Bella Fennix.

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ETA2: The Birth of Ding

ETA3: Artwork added.
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The Birth of Ding )

OOC: Ding continues to explore Sanctuary residents, meeting Kace, and sitting on Hastur's head as well, and proving that it's almost disturbingly fast in terms of learning by collecting various dirty glasses and putting them in the bar sink upside down. I'm merely cutting it off here to keep the log condensed to one post, chopping them up is a bitch.

Ding the Clank
More spare clockwork parts. A lot more.

Things Learned:
Tea with skull and crossbones has powerful effects on Ms. Fennix, in a good mood, she'll construct something benign. In an angry mood--as she'll tell you from experiance--she'll construct something dangerous.
Bella, on Metody: [He pierced his what?]
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Bella's almighty claimed sideroom is one of the larger ones.

It is so, for a reason. Various mechanical objects and devices litter the room in parts, and in various states of completion, and off to one side is the start of a new portal generator. Bella's managed to clean off most of the black soot from where the first one exploded.

One might notice her sheets from her bed hanging outside her window for that same reason, as well as her more beat up clothing.

This is not, however, what she's doing currently.

As life is never dull for the average Spark (combined with, perhaps, a certain subset of Luck), Bella has a predicament.

"Look, I'll give you the wrench for it, how about that?"

Ding. Ding.

Ding the scorpionish-crab-clank is sitting on Bella's workbench, just out of reach, and he's carrying one of her left boots (Yes, she has more than one, the heeled one to go with the dress for that dance comes to mind). And Ding is holding it up triumphantly in all three claws, both arms and the tail. Having the beaming (n) expression. Ding!

"Then what do you want to trade for it?" Apparently, Bella's grown tired of chasing the Clank around for the boot. That little guy's fast when he needs to be.

Of course, into this comes another factor....


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