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Part 1 - The Flashback: 2 Years Ago
Part 2 - Underground Funk

She groaned. She mrged. Shifting a little on the stone floor she was unceremoniously dropped onto. "Oof." She sat up, resting her weight on her hands as she got her bearings back.

Bella Fennix always hated getting shot with D-Gas. It always gave her such a damn headache.

Oh. Right. Now she remembers. She didn't make it to the storeroom because several more guards saw her, and threw the D-Gas canister at her. That's probably how they got her here.


Wait a minute....


Outside the cell, several guards were discussing what to do with her.

"I say we take her to one of the airships and ship her straight to Vienna."

"No, we're to wait on our orders--!"

"Captain! Sir!" Both of them saluted.

"What's the status of the prisoner?" He asked, regarding the two men carefully.

The first guard spoke up, "We brought her straight to the cell and locked her up tight, just like you wanted--and none of the Clanks are in this section."

"Did you remember to take her tools?"

"Aye, sir, her toolbelt's out here on the tabl--"

"Where's her mechanical arm and leg?"

Both of them looked momentarily confused, one spoke up; "..What?" And then the dawning realization of what they just did occurred to them.

"You idiots just left a Spark with her God da--"

The door exploded outward in a crash of metal and flying bars. The whine of Bella's gun toning back up to the high pitch as she took aim for them all, grabbing her tool belt.

Bella was angry, and MAD, "YOU WILL LET ME PASS."

"Like hell we will! Ausritt, Abstritch! OPEN FIRE!"

Bella sighed. She knocked the table over and ducked down behind it, bullets *SPACKED!* off of the wood surface as she clicked her toolbelt around her waist, and took her gun in both hands. She knew where they were--NOW.

She whipped up and fired the electrical burst from her gun. Two short blasts, and the two guardsmen are down. Bella started forward as her death ray started to recharge.

"Oh no you don't." The Captain snatched his sword out of his belt and started for her, ready to slash her in the shoulder.

Bella, unfortunately for him, say it coming. She sidestepped to the left, and caught the blade in her mechanical hand with a clank. She was still angry. Still MAD, "THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM, HERR CAPTAIN."

She turned her wrist hard, twisting the blade in her mechanical hand. The metallic snap echoed throughout the stone walls of the small prison.

"BRINGING A SWORD TO A GUNFIGHT." She tossed the blade aside with a clatter, and slugged the Captain in the gut. He collapsed, groaning as the wind had been knocked out of him.

She stepped over them all. The death ray was on a low setting--she knew they'd all survive, even if injured.

Bella stepped outside the small prison--and wasn't surprised to find herself in South Kintostown.

Even then. This is her town. She ducked into an alleyway as several soldiers strode past, and into the prison.

From inside, their shouts of surprise could be heard, "THE PRISONER'S ESCAPED! FIND HER!"

Not that Ms. Fennix stuck around to hear that. She had already jammed the death ray into her belt--deciding to put it back in its hiding place later. She had extended her arm's chain link, and yanked herself onto the prison's roof.

From there, she was able to latch herself onto a nearby roof and snatch herself across. The soldiers were looking for her on the ground--and in the underground.

But then, who'd think to--Gah!


"Stun bullets and D-Gas! We want her ALIVE. FIRE WHEN READY!"

The bullets shot off, pinging off of rooftops and windows. One managed to pa-tang itself off of Bella's mechanical leg, causing her to lose footing at one point and nearly slide off of a roof. She cursed and managed to stop herself on a gutter, retracting the chain, she hauled herself back up. One more, one more and she'd make it over the South Wall.

It's not like they could stop her. She whipped the Death Ray off of her belt and returned fire. Aiming towards them, and scorching the stone street with the blast. Snatch, yank. And she was over the wall. Landing uneasily in the tall grass with an ungraceful tumble and yelp.

She ran for the woods. From there, she could lose them, and deter any stragglers.

Because, after all.

This was her town. Her territory.

((The Song and If you want to get the reference of their names...))


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