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Previously - Recycling is fun too!

The Crash Site, Somewhere within the borders of the Wulfenbach Empire.

To go on a tangent, Bella Fennix's Spark lies primarily in the fact that she can construct engines. The ability to construct Death Rays and other weapons came after this. This. THIS, is what she lives for. What she lives to break down and build up.

Everything has its use. With the exception of that mutilated little nut in the Sanctuary garbage, we have something that Bella has created with utter joy.

That is to say, she does have fun constructing Death Rays and weapons (as making things go boom is fun!), but.

What she vastly prefers, is making things that move, that power.

And thus.

We have her latest creation... )

((The Song))
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The Crash Site, Somewhere within the borders of the Wulfenbach Empire.

Bella, after her trip to the Sanctuary, regarded the dirigible wreck thoughtfully from a cargo container she was using as a seat.

Her mind, however, was deeply seated in that Madness. That Madness that drove her to CREATE, INVENT, MAKE.


She knows what to do. )

((next part coming tomorrow))
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Somewhere within the borders of the Wulfenbach Empire.

A calm, serene field in the middle of nowhere.

Grass as high as a grown man's waist, a gentle breeze, nothing particularly interesting happening.


Well, unless you count the giant land squid trudging along back there interesting.

But, our focus is not said giant land squid, rather, the field.

There's a crack of electricity that breaks the windblown silence.

Then nothing.

And another... )


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