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Mostly for completeness sake:

Frighteningly accurate version of an Aristan Foundling Guard uniform, duplicated by sketching and using Pat's as a reference.

Notable differences: Sized for Bella, no Aristan symbol of allegiance, instead Kintostown's symbol is there, death ray holster instead of knife holster.
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Ding is a Clank constructed by Bella Fennix.

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ETA2: The Birth of Ding

ETA3: Artwork added.
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Various bits of clockwork for jewelry.
Heat Ray arm attachment made out of a space heater, vacuum cleaner parts. (V0.21)
a dark red version of this, and heeled boots to match (even if only one of them's useful to her, she keeps 'em both, just in case)
Several LOL color-change peppers

Addition to OOC notes:

Flag of the House of Kintotech: Red flag, Gold symbol, which is a stylized version of it. (Winged gear, K through middle of it)

ETA: Also: All instances where Bella said 'Wulfenbach Providence', please discreetly retcon into 'Wulfenbach Empire' >_>
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Note: This is slightly disjointed and not in any sort of order. I apologize for this, but these I'm writing these down in the order they're hitting me.

On Kintostown and its former Lord and House. (see also: a teal deer) )

More later.
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Kintostown was more or less neutral in the war with the Southern Alliance until Kintotech Castle was destroyed. Kintostown was particularly known for its Clank based defensive force.

It remained neutral primarily because of its location at the boarder of the Southern Alliance of Sparks' territory, and the Heterodyne/Wulfenbach territory.

Now, however, with the castle's destruction, KintoClanks are turning up as allies of the Southern Alliance. Reprogrammed? Stolen?

Hard to say, given that Doctor Julian Kintotech was killed in the destruction of the castle, noone's seen his son (the rightful heir), and Bella continues to make her presence known as someone who fights to keep people alive in the middle of this war.

Of course, with people equating the KintoClanks to the House of Kintotech choosing the Southern Alliance's side, this doesn't really mean that our dear Bella is popular, since her mechanical arm rather obviously displays her house's symbol.


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