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Name:Annabella Fennix, Lady to the House of Kintotech
Birthdate:Jun 21
Website:Herr Writer
Better Artwork Pending

Name : Bella Fennix
Full Name : Annabella Fennix, of the House of Kintotech
Age : 26
Birthday: August 07
Height : 5'6"
Weight : ???
Hair Color : Dirty-Blonde (usually in both the literal and colored senses)
Eye Color : Blue
Emblem : A golden gear with wings on the sides of it, and a large, stylized K through the center.
From : Kintostown, South Wulfenbach Empire (Formerly, due to the city's capture by the Southern Alliance).

Appearance :

She stands before you, a tall woman with long blonde hair in a tight braid down to the middle of her back. She wears beat up mechanic's coveralls that were, at one point, probably blue. They're a more than a bit faded at this point, however, and the right sleeve and part of the right leg past the knee are torn off.

For good reason. Her right arm is entirely mechanical and fairly bulky compared to the rest of her, and her right leg is as well, and is too bulky past the knee for standard trousers. Despite this, though, she stands with a fairly confident air (although if one watches her walk, they'll note a slight limp that keeps most of her weight on her left side, presumably because more of her leg is mechanical than is visible). Up close, one can hear the faint ticking of the auto-winding clockwork in her arm and leg. On the spaulder of 'Bella's right arm is her family emblem, which is listed above.


Bella Fennix is an outgoing individual to a point. Showoffy and something of a jokester (even if she's not always funny). Born to the Spark house of Kintotech, Bella is someone who's chaotic nature makes her difficult to tie down even in the best of times. She prefers to wander and do 'daring deeds of good and so forth'. She has a good heart, a bit of a temper, and is sometimes easily prone to distraction.

She is the daughter of Julian Fennix, Lord of the House of Kintotech, and Lorelei Geresguard

Spark Style : Primarily, Bella's skills lie in that of engines and mechanical devices, as well as the occasional mechanically oriented weapon. She's what one would probably call a 'mid-level' spark, in the fact that despite being able to make ~sparky~ technology, she typically cannot make Clanks. She can repair one if it's at least halfway intact, but making one from scratch generally has explosive results. She also has a tendency to modify her arm and leg.

But hand her a coil, some wire, and a stick, and she'll probably make a working engine of some kind out of it, somehow. Or possibly a Death Ray.

Bella's voice tends to change somewhat when she's in the Madness Place. This raises her charisma with others to influence them into doing her bidding--this is not a very powerful effect, as most Nexusites won't be affected by it (unless the mun decides it works or not). This is described as an 'odd reverb' in her voice, or an 'odd tone'. And is usually displayed when HTML is possible in THIS FASHION.

Mechanical Limbs : Her right arm and right leg are both mechanical, as her breaking-through came at about sixteen or so, and had something of an explosive finish. She survived it (god only knows how), and thanks to her father, has the mechanical limbs she does today. The hand and leg allow her to accomplish impressive feats of strength so long as whatever she's doing remains on her right side. She can't move and carry it, due to the bracers only being on the right side, but she can hold it. Her right hand can be removed and replaced with a number of tools, and it can be also launched on a chain like a grappling hook or a weapon.

The metal of her leg goes up the side of her right thigh, ending just before her hip, and dips a bit lower in the inner-side-of things. Uses a type of Kinto-type sealant to bond the metal to the skin with no issues. However, due to the width of her leg past her knee, her trousers are usually torn in some fashion to compensate for this.

More Notes (Warning: Disjointed to hell).


Fictional Character Journal for use for RP. Based on a Girl Genius AU. To quote from their Fansite page in the interests of covering my behind: "This site is not approved by, sponsored by or affiliated with Studio Foglio LLC or Airship Entertainment."

Interests (82):

*science!*, adventuring, airship engines, airships, brass, can't-make-clanks, clanks, clocks, clockwork, clockwork cybernetics, clockwork devices, coffee, complicated clockwork devices, copper, creating engines, death rays, defying-the-laws-of-physics, dirigibles, electromagnets, engines, explosions, explosive devices, for *science!*, for science, for science!, gaslamps, gears, gearwork, german language, germany, girl genius, gold, gold and red, hey watch this, hinge joints, iron, jaegers, j├Ągers, kaboom, kintostown, kintotech castle, lightning, machinery, machines, mad science, mad scientists, magnets, making things go boom, mechanics, metal, metalworking, music, music boxes, nexus, nexus lol, rebuilding engines, reconstruction, recycling, red, red and gold, refurbishing, saving the world, science, shiny things, southern alliance, sparks, steam engines, steampunk, steel, technology, the heterodynes, the house of kintotech, the nexus, the spark, this-is-a-job-for-*science!*, tinkering, tools, warping-the-laws-of-nature, weaponry, weapons, wulfenbach, wulfenbach empire
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