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Bella's most recent written out notes. These aren't public, and are posted for fun. Written in her barely readable german scrawl slash shorthand. Also written while she's in the Madness Place at points, and when she happens to think of ideas at others.

-Can't use teleportation devices

-Need materials for costume, something for the robe

-Perhaps bigger is better? Possibly something larger and more powerful to puncture through whatever shield systems they may have

-Power will be an issue. As will size.

-THE AIRSHIP ENGINE. I can modify one of the surviving engines, send it to the Nexus with the portal gun

-[Sketched design of something, scratched out, looks like some sort of base clothing design]

-Modifications to the engine means I need to figure out some way to be able move it feasibly

-Wheels? Piston legs? Both have their merits

-Wheels are easier to acquire here, piston legs are more complicated to construct.

-Thank Lord Vorkosigan again.

-..Find out if Lord Vorkosigan's world is in any relation to mine, he found what I needed rather surprisingly fast

-[Another sketched design, something more concrete, something reverse engineered with written measurements here and there]

-[Portal Gun redesign sketch, attempting to weaponize it and make it more effective]

-What to call it? Giga Death Ray? Mega Death Ray?

-Really wish I had more worker clanks

-Note to self, acquire worker clanks

-Or attempt to make them

-Use less glue


-Need to find some way to penetrate battle clank hull with L-O-L based weaponry. I need something that is not based on my portal gun, as it may not work in the jamming field that will be provided.

-Thank the Name for gear grease, arm is within normal operational standards again.

-May need to construct more than one set of weapons.

-Find a way to get inside one of their battle clanks, can find a way to counteract them if I can get inside

-Possibly steal one

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