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* Pat comes out, in Bella's company, looking about at the night.
* BellaYard comes out here as well, stretching a bit, "Hm, slight chill in the air." She observes aloud.
<PatYard> "A little, yeah. I don't tend to pay that much attention to temperature, these days."
* PatYard does walwk pretty close to her, though.
* BellaYard doesn't mind this much. "Tough as your skin is, I'd be surprised if you noticed."
<PatYard> "I was hoping we could talk alone," she says, ascertaining that they are.
<BellaYard> "Ah?" She blinks a bit.
<PatYard> "Well, to start with," Pat says as she walks along in the yard, not going too far, "I sort of wanted to discuss what happened a couple of ninedays ago."
<BellaYard> "Ah, the incident with Soma?" She asks to clarify, to make sure she understands what ninedays means.
* PatYard nods. "I'm /pretty/ sure we've established there's no real regrets..."
* BellaYard does have the decency to blush a little, "None on my end, no. It was..." Uh. "Thoroughly enjoyable." Yes.
<PatYard> "Good. I'm glad. Mine too."
* BellaYard nods, "As far as I know, Soma does not regret it either, but I do not know him all that well."
<PatYard> "I haven't heard that he has, and I hope it's the case. But you're whom I wanted to discuss."
* BellaYard blinks, "Really?" Okay, now she's curious, "Why, exactly?"
<PatYard> "The thing is, while I'm familiar with the Nexus tradition of 'one-night stands,' I don't tend to see a necessity in confining things to just one night, with a good friend and all. But I don't want to step on the issue, both since I can't make a regular thing of what happened that night, and since I wouldn't want you to get the Wrong Idea. You know I don't understand a lot of thigns cross-culturally."
* BellaYard nods, folding her arms and proccessing this as she walks. Her mechanics quietly ticking in the slightly cool night air, "It's.. a sort of strange issue with myself as well. I understand that it was not something that we were.." She pauses, trying to find the best wording, "Heavily emotionally invested in. I certainly consider you a good friend and someone I definately trust at least."
<BellaYard> *processing
* PatYard nods. "Likewise."
<BellaYard> "I don't have the wrong idea at all, although the event's been off and on my mind since it happened. It was... an experiance to say the least, one I never really thought too much about being possible." And from the sound of it, she doesn't sound -entirely- against a repeat experiance.
<PatYard> "Okay. Well, at any rate, I know you're pretty respectable, and sorry to put it like this, and this doesn't need to come up again if you don't feel like it....if you ever want to Shut Me Up, just as I am and with the right idea about things, I'm up for it."
* PatYard smiles?
* BellaYard ..admittedly snorks a bit. "At the moment I'd hardly consider myself respectable." She says with a half-joking sort of grin. "A fugetive on both sides of a war? Heh." She shakes her head a little, "And it's alright. Clarification and communication are always good things, even if it isn't an easy thing to do."
<PatYard> "You're still capable of blushing. That's still pretty respectable by Guard standards." Pat grins back.
<BellaYard> "True, even if I managed to pull off wearing the uniform." She adds, amused, "Apparently it made my legs look good."
<PatYard> "/Very/."
<PatYard> "So, would you like to head back in where the highly preternatural man whose been into some interesting sacramental plants is, or...would you like to stay out here a little longer?" Standing really close?
<BellaYard> "I am fine with either, but if what Fraulein Jane said about him..." Yeah, the drunkard who apparently the baby who was -serious-. God, Nexus. What the frigging :psyduck:. She shakes her head, "Given -that-, his presence here is a little..." Vague gesture with her mechanical hand, "..Concerning."
* BellaYard does not mind Pat's proximity.
<PatYard> "His other associates have been here before. No major consequences, although they were sober. I just hope he doesn't run into Jane or the baby."
* BellaYard nods.
<BellaYard> "Either way, I think that is one conflict I'm going to attempt to avoid getting caught in the middle of."
* PatYard looks a ways away, to the window. "Probably best not to go in yet, anyway." She might take her wrist and repeat what she was doing last night?
* BellaYard is perfectly fine with this, she shifts a bit closer when Pat starts doing that, too. "How did you learn all of this?"
<PatYard> "We've been much more involved this year, but we've had a presence for more than that. Of course, it may not be same Authority, but close enough alternates to know that whatever it is is serious." Yay, handsiness.
<BellaYard> "..Ah, I meant the massage, more correctly."
<PatYard> "Oh! Well at home, you know, we're pretty heavily physical. Lots of chance to practice, lots of people needing it."
* BellaYard nods
<BellaYard> "Makes sense."
* PatYard will work her way up the arm and sort of look Bella over while she does it. "Yeah, we can't all spend our learning-time learning how to make lightning artillery."
* PatYard smiles.
* BellaYard won't mind this, although she's wearing a shirt with a long sleeve, "Well, I don't make weapons -all- the time either." She says a little jokingly-defensively, "It's sort of required when one has to fight a war. I prefer to work with -engines-, and the endless complexities they have."
* PatYard can work around that fact. "Of course. Either way, it's science, and except for some of those optional lectures Erasmus always volunteers to give, our education is pretty much reading, writing, figures, law, fighting, and recovering."
* BellaYard nods, if Pat hadn't already, she'll unbutton the sleeve so it can be rolled up, "I imagine that most of you tend to take advantage of the fact that Erasmus's lectures are optional, too." She teases a bit.
<PatYard> "We think he kind of hopes he can save the littles from becoming guards and make them academics instead," Pat faux-whispers.
<BellaYard> "ah hah, trying to convert the young and impressionable. A wise, but likely ineffective strategy?"
* PatYard nods and smiles.
* BellaYard chuckles, amused by this. "A well, something to be said about determination, at least."
<BellaYard> *ah
<PatYard> "Indeed." And the hands, they just won't stay put. They will work up and it's back to the shoulders
* BellaYard oh, my. MeltyBella. She leans against Pat a little. Which would likely be sort of amusing to the outside observer, given Bella's the taller of the two
* PatYard certainly has no problem supporting her.
* PatYard will once more try to make a worthwhile time of it indeed.
* BellaYard is not surprised by this. "Glad you're right there, I might have trouble standing otherwise." She makes sure her braid's out of th way as well
<PatYard> "Heh, yeah. There are advantages to doing this lying down with nothing in the way."
<BellaYard> "Hmm, true." Considering it.
* PatYard 's hands work all the way down her back, thoughly coaxing all the muscles, finally pausing /just/ before hte lower back gives way to something else. And then she yawns.
* BellaYard blinkblink and yawns too, "Mein gott, is it really that late?" She pulls a watch out of her toolbelt. A complicated clockwork thing, "Hm, so it is."
<PatYard> "It's a pity. We should probably go to bed."
<BellaYard> "Indeed, we probably should." It's reluctant, but she stands back up straight, no longer supported by Pat.
<PatYard> "Still. Sometime..... I'll show you how it's /really/ done?"
<BellaYard> "Sounds like a plan." She grins.
<BellaYard> "And maybe I could find a way to return the favor as well, eh?"
<PatYard> "I've got no objections there. Good night." And Pat will head in with her, and they shall part and head their separate ways.
* PatYard ( has quit (Exit: ajax IRC Client)
<BellaYard> "Goodnight, Pat." She beams a bit, and indeed. They shall head their seperate ways
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