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* Bella_Fennix comes here with Metody! Woo hoo random siderooms.

<Metody> "S-so."

* Bella_Fennix plops down onto the bed. "So." A small sigh, "I will not deny it. I'm fond of you by quite a bit." She leans forward on her arms, crossing them and shifting her weight somewhat.

* Metody exhales a bit. Well. That made things easier. "And I am - I am very fond of you."

* Bella_Fennix nods, "However, I'm..." Pause. ".. I'm also aware of how you handle relationships." She glances to him for a moment, flexing the fingers of her mechanical hand idly in a subtle, nervous gesture.

* Metody twists his fingers together, bone rings clicking. "...yes. And - I realized I didn't - I should have just told you and - I sure do like you, Bella." This last comes out with painful honesty. "And - you should be happy."

* Bella_Fennix tilts her head at him, blinking thoughtfully. "Should've just told me...?" Er? Hooboy. She runs her left hand through her hair a little. "This --" Pause. "Verdammt..." Nng, "Of all the times coming up with how to say something had to be difficult."

<Metody> "I mean - you - obviously know I've been with Pat and Flavius and - well. I mean, I should have - not waited so long to talk to you." He rakes his hand through his hair again, feeling utterly wretched. "I don't - that's - it's not a thing that will ever change with me."

* Bella_Fennix -- pause times three, hello, opening. Even the socially awkward Bella can see that, "I --" Need to word this correctly, "--Am aware of this. Hell." She starts to admit, "I've, ah. Been with them both as well." A vague gesture and she starts to blush somewhat, "And I would not take that away from you, as it is part of your... quintessential Metody-ness." ... "Mein Gott I hope that made sense." Palm to forehead. Augh.

<Metody> "Y- oh." Oh, relief. Oh, oh, oh. Had he known that? He had, hadn't he. But she hadn't - liked - oh. But - oh. Oh. He gives her a truly embarassed smile. "Y-yes, it did." Don't call her ma'am.

* Bella_Fennix will go all :psyduck: if you call her 'ma'am', Herr Green. Belle nods, "It.. is complicated, I admit." She sighs, leaning back down on her arms, "In what looking up of definitions I have done, I am not exactly a... typical 'Victorian' female." Beat. And quietly, mostly to herself, "..Not that I even know who this 'Victoria' queen is.."

<Metody> "She was the ruler of the time period to which your clothing and some of your social mores seem to be most analogous to." It comes out without any brain being involved.

<Bella_Fennix> "Ah. I suppose that makes sense, then."

<Metody> "And - I'd rather you be Bella than some - some ideal." He smiles shyly. "I like Bella."

<Bella_Fennix> "It is only who I know how to be." .... "...I imagine that sounded worse in English."

<Metody> "...yes, probably." He finally sits down beside her. "Apparantly, people have decided we are some kind of formal couple thing."

<Bella_Fennix> "Or at least find it amusing to tease us about."

<Metody> "Is it wrong that I'm tempted to give you a ring, just to screw with them?"

* Bella_Fennix ...snorks, going to outright laughter for a moment, "-I- certainly find it funny."

* Metody grins. "Pat might kill me."

<Bella_Fennix> "Or find it equally amusing." Oh god, they need to get her in on this.

<Metody> "It'd backfire terribly. I"m sure of it. We'd find ourselves married and somehow with five children."

<Bella_Fennix> "Mein Gott." She shakes her head, "Knowing -this-," Sort of vague gesturing to mean the Nexus, "place, it'd probably backfire because it thinks its funny."

<Metody> "....Yes. I would end up married to myself."

<Bella_Fennix> O.o

<Metody> "You know it'd happen. You, on the other hand? Possibly to a cat."

* Bella_Fennix snorks and shakes her head, "Entirely possible, which is the scarier part."

<Metody> "The cat would be gay and carrying on an affair with a houseplant and an underage cheese."

* Bella_Fennix grins and shakes her head, and then yawns broadly, which is followed by a lazy stretch rather worthy of some cats.

* Metody peeks at her. "We could sleep."

<Bella_Fennix> "We probably should" As her mun is getting tired as well

<Metody> "I - ah. Get sick. Because of this medicine I'm taking. But I'm fine, it's supposed to do that."

<Bella_Fennix> "...It is still a very interesting side effect that you glow." She pokes him in the side thoughtfully.

<Metody> "Because all the bad stuff is shadowy and black, so of course I glow when it's gone." He smiles at her.

<Bella_Fennix> "Mmm." She shakes her head and smiles back at him somewhat before stretching out across the bed, starting to get ready to actually, y'know, -go- to sleep, (Rather like certain writers)

* Metody settles down next to her and closes his eyes. Happy.
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